Motivating Parents as well as Children to take part in Hobbies and Interest

Encouraging parents to take part in activities for self enhancement

talent-show-7Parents were counseled to join the Adult literacy proramme conducted by Soroptimist International an NGO for women. They were counseled to join the programme during one of their open day session where children’s progress was becoming a serious issue. The idea that if they are aware of the 3 Rs. will help in knowing how their wards are progressing rather than believing the tuition teachers feedback.

Encouraging students to follow their hobbies and interests

coloring-competitions-2Observations done on the students with behavior problems most of the time reflected that they were usually restricted from playing outdoor games at home by their parents. Since the young children has an army’s energy stored in them, all those are usually exhausted in the classroom. Parents of such children are advised to put them in activities like dance and sports to channelize these energy. Many of our students participated and achieve accolades in activities outside the school.

Marketing Strategy

Most of the schools in Chembur under the SSC board have 70 – 80 students in the class making it impossible for teachers to pay individualized attention. Offering a class of 50-55 and individualized attention in the lower classes always adds attraction to parents to admit their children in that school. Knowing your child well builds the parent’s confidence in the teacher too.

The growing number of admission forms in the current year was an encouraging factor to us.

Anything in excess is harmful! The right measurement of academics and activities sum us to be the perfect school for a parent. That becomes our strength and necessity to work even harder.