Class Activity

Class Activity 2022

3rd Std Class Activity for Environment Day

The students were asked to bring green colour snacks in their tiffin in order to celebrate environment day.

3rd Std Class Activity

Topic – Living and Non-living things
Objective – learn by doing

Students were asked to plant wheat in one pot and measure the growth of the plant and record it in their project book and in another pot to plant stick and observe the changes and present in the class.

To make favourite vehicle using matchbox, shoe cartoon etc. and tell about their journey by the vehicle made by them.

Students were asked to make Abacus and was used in the class for topics like place value, read the number with the help of beads in the abacus and used for addition topic also.

Story telling with puppet activity was taken in the class on teacher’s day. Students made puppets out of paper, socks etc. and enacted the story with voice modulation.

The topic of fraction was taught and the concept of half, quarter and one- third and three- fourth was taught using chapati and colour craft paper.

To take a chapati dough and make three animals in the class, marks are included in English practicals.

Class Activity (Jr. KG Class) 2022

Classroom activity – The main objective of classroom learning needs engaging activities to foster effective learning experience. To enable the students to evaluate their understanding, effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning of the teachers explanation.

Class Activity : The students of Jr. Kg. decorated the flag by using bindi’s (saffron, blue, green)

  • The students were asked to bring tricolour bindi’s to decorate the flag given to them on the occassion of Independence day.
  • The students were asked to make a photo frame using paper,stick, colour paper etc. and stick their family photograph and introduce their family members infront of the class.

School activity and class activity makes the students to bring out their potential by participating in various activities.