Vitual Tour of Sea Animals

Vitual Tour of Sea Animals - Sr.KG

Teacher had conducted a Virtual trip of Sea animals for Chembur English Pre-primary Sr.Kg. students on 26th November, 2021. Teacher during her online classroom session oriented them towards the underwater world and gave insights about different sea animals and fishes. Post which she shared her screen with tiny tots to give them a virtual tour by showcasing some videos.

Around 100 species of fishes with their respective names were shared with children and they were in awe to see the different types of sea animals and a beautiful colorful world which was beyond their imagination.

She gave them an activity which they have to complete, they had to stick cut outs of different sea animals in their project book and label them. Children did this activity with great enthusiasm and lot of active participation during the session. Many children shared their own personal experiences as well about their visit to aquariums and some even have fish tanks at home and were sharing about how they take care of their own fishes and spend time with them.

Session conducted by
– Sr. Kg. Class teacher – Mrs. Kanchan Sharma