Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition 2019-20

Fancy dress competition (Sr kg) 15th November, 2019

Students of Sr kg participated in Fancy dress competition, theme for the competition was Super heroes and cartoon characters. Children participated with great enthusiasm. Ms Preeti Pawar and Ms Nimisha Gunjkar judged the competition.

1st prize went to Aarohi Kamble, 2nd prize Humdaan Momin 3rd prize ziyaan Siddique. Consolations went to three students Anabia Hashmi, Khushi Shinde, Sanchet Aseri and Ritwik.

Fancy Dress Competition 2017-18

Fancy Dress Competition 2016-17

Fancy dress Competition held on 25th November, 2016 for Std 1 & 2

Fancy Dress Competition 2015-16

Fancy Dress Competition was held for the kindergarten and Class 1 and 2.

Children portrayed their best. The theme for Kindergarten students being Community Helpers, children dressed appropriately, came up with very useful messages for the audiences.

Likewise children from Class 1 and 2 also came up true to the theme of Great Leaders and Social Reformers.