Jr. KG. Syllabus

Curriculum - Jr. KG. Syllabus
Orals : Reading and recognition of alphabets and pictures from picture book

I i         L l        T t        H h      F f       E e


  • Strokes
  • Standing line |||
  • Sleeping line
  • Writing alphabets Tt, Ii, Ll, Hh, Ff, Ee
Number Work
Orals: Number 1-3 and reading and recognition of numbers 1, 2, 3.

Writing: Writing numbers 1, 2, 3

General Knowledge
My School and Fruits

My School

Q.1.           What is the name of your school?

Ans.:          The name of my school is Chembur English High School.

Q.2.           Who is your class teacher?

Ans.:          My class teacher is Mrs. Daisy.

Q.3.           Who is your headmistress?

Ans.:          My headmistress is Mrs. Geeta Menon.


Rainy Season

Q.1.           Name some rain creatures.

Ans.:          Some rain creatures are frog, snail and earthworm.

Q.2.           What do you wear when it rains?

Ans.:          I wear a raincoat when it rains.

Q.3.           Which bird likes to dance in the rain?

Ans.:          The peacock likes to dance in the rain.

The Thirsty Crow

One hot day, a crow was very thirsty. He looked for water here and there, but he could not find. After a long time, he saw a pot. But there was very little water in it and the crow could not reach it.

He thought of a plan. He picked up some stones one by one, and dropped them into the pot. The water come up to the top. He drank the water and flew away happily, He was a clever crow.

Q.1.     What was the thirsty crow looking for water?

Ans.:    The thirsty crow was looking for water.


Q.2.     How much water was there in the pot?

Ans.:    There was very little water in the pot.


Q.3.     What happened when the crow dropped the stones in the pot?

Ans.:    The water came up and the crow drank the water and flew away happily.


1) It’s Raining :

It’s raining, it’s raining today,

Pitter, patter, pitter raining today,

The frogy, the frogy is croaking today,

Croaks croaks croaking today

The peacock, the peacock is dancing today,

Toppy Tippy, top top (2) dancing today


2) Froggie

Froggie froggie come out to play

For it is a rainy day

Big and lovely mushrooms near

Froggie has his dinner here,

Froggie, froggie goes to school

And sits on his mushroom stool

In the sky the clouds are grey

For it is a rainy day


3) Incy Wincy Makoda

Incy Wincy Makoda

Upar chad gaya

Neeche aye barish

Makoda bhig gaya

Bahar nikla suraj

Jo pani sukh gaya

Aur incy, wincy makoda

Phir se upar chad gaya



1) Rainbow

Violet, Indigo, Blue and green

Blue and green blue & green

Violet, Indigo, Blue and green

Yellow, Orange and red

Orals: Reading and recognition of alphabets and pictures from picture book

A a      V v      W w    M m     N n      K k      X x      Y y      Z z


  • Stroks
  • Slanting line ///

Alphabets :

A a      V v      W w    M m     N n      K k      X x      Y y      Z z

Number Work

Orals:Numbers 4-6 and reading and recognition of numbers 4, 5, 6


Writing: Writing numbers – 4, 5, 6


General Knowledge: Flowers and Vegetables


Independence Day

Q.1.     When is Independence Day celebrated?

Ans.:    Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August.


Q.2.     What are the colours of our National flag.

Ans.:    The colours of our National flag are Orange, White and green and blue Ashoka Chakra.


Q.3.     Which is our National Bird : Peacock Animal : Tiger Fruit : Mango Flower : Lotus



The Flag Three colours in a flag Orange, white and green Orange stands for sacrifice White stands for purity Green stand for prosperity The Ashoka Chakra in the middle Says always work hard.


We are Indians We are Indians bold and free, We’ll guard our lovely country We salute our flag with love and pride And sing Jana-Gana-Man. Standing side by side.


Five little Soldiers Five little Soldiers, Standing in a row Three stood straight, And two stood so Along come the captain, And what do you think? They all stood straight, As quick as a wink


Rabbit, Rabbit Rabbit, rabbit 1,2,3 Will you come and play with me? Camel, camel 4,5,6 Why do have a hump like this? Monkey, monkey 7,8,9 Will you teach how to climb? When I have counted upto 10 The elephants say; “now start again.”


Orals: Reading and recognition of alphabets and pictures from picture book.

Cc Gg Oo Qq Pp Bb Rr Dd Jj Ss Uu


Cc Gg Oo Qq Pp Bb Rr Dd Jj Ss Uu

Number Work

Oral: Numbers 1-10 and Reading and recognition of numbers 7, 8, 9, 10

Writing: Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10

General Knowledge
Days of the week Part of the body
Q. What do we do with our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, hand and legs? Ans.: We see with our eyes. We hear with our ears. We smell with our nose. We taste with our tongue. We feel with our skin. We work with our hands. We walk and run with our legs.

Hare and the Tortoise

A hare and the tortoise decided to run a race, The hare said, “You lazy fellow! I can win any rave.” The tortoise said, “Ok! We shall see.” The race began. The hare ran very fast. He became tired and slept under a tree. The tortoise kept on running slowly and soon reached the winning post.

Moral: Slow and steady win the race

1) My fingers See my fingers straight and tall Thumb is strongest o them all Middle finger there does stand Like a giant on my hand Little finger at the end. Make it stuff make it bend Fingers are for work and play Put them all away.

2) Number Rhymes One, two, three, four, five once I caught a fish alive Six, seven, eight, nine, ten Then I let it go again Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so Which finger dite it bite. The little finger on my right

3) Vegetables Vegetables, vegetables, fresh and tasty They keep us strong and make us healthy On plants or creepers, they are found Some of them grow under the ground Fresh green vegetables, we must eat everyday To be cheerful, through out the day

4) Tomatoes and Carrots Tomatoes and Carrots Cabbage and Beans Look so yummy, All red and green. So my tiny tots Eat them everyday To make you grow, Strong and smart.


1) Clap your hands Clap your hands Touch your toes Turn around Put your finger on your nose Hap your arms Jump up high Wriggle your fingers And reach for the sky.

2) Where is Jhumkin? Where is Jhumkin? Here I am! How are you this morning? Very well, I thank you. Run away ! (2) (Continue) (Painter, Middleman, Ringman, And little man)