Sr. KG. Syllabus

Curriculum - Sr. KG. Syllabus
June / July

English (Orally)
Revision of Aa-Zz (Recognition and written).
Simple Commands and instructions.
e.g. 1) Teacher, please may I drink water.
2) Teacher, please may I come in.
3) Teacher, please may I go to washroom.
4) Thank you teacher.

Number Work
1) Revision numbers 1-20 (Oral and written).
2) Pre maths concept ‘Big’ and ‘Small’.
3) Orals 1-50 (in order).
4) Written Work : 21-30 number (in order), 1-30 numbers (in order).
5) Count and write.

Phonics, vocabulary and sentences Aa – Jj
Conversation :
Myself, My Family (Page No. 8)
Written Work :
Aa – Jj (Cursive writing)

1) Colours and shapes (page No. 6)
2) Parts of the body (Page No. 4)
3) Vegetables (Page No. 11)
4) Rainy Season (Page No. 3)
5) Days of the week/Month of the year (Page No. 7)
6) Sense Organs (Page No. 4)

1) Little raindrops (Page No. 3)
2) Gifts of God (Page No. 9)
3) Pretty balls (Page No. 16)
4) Vegetables (Page No. 27)

1) An Umbrella (to draw and colour)

1) Paper folding (Rectangle fold)


1) Phonics, Vocabulary and Sentences.
2) Picture Talk: My Birthday Party (Page No. 36)
3) Reading: 2 letter words (Page No.4,5)
1) The Thirsty Crow (refer poem book Page no. 39)
Written Work:
1) Cursive letters Kk-Tt
2) 2 letter words in notebook.

Number Work
1) Pre Maths Concept: Full/Empty
2) Numbers 31-40 1-40 (in order)
3) Numbers One-Three in words

1) Fruits (Page No.10)
2) Celebrations : a) Independence Day
b) Raksha Bandhan
3) Good Habits (Page No. 27)
4) Cleanliness (Page No. 23)
5) Wild Animal (Page No.13)

1) Fruits (Page No.6)
2) Keeping Clean (Page No. 7)
3) The Flag
The Flag
I look at the flag
And what do I see
A Country so great,
A nation so free,
A beautiful flag,
With colour three
Orange, White and Green


1) Phonics, Vocabulary and Sentences. Uu-Zz
2) Conversation: My School and Classroom (Page No.7)
3) Reading: 3 letter words (Page No.6, 7, 8, 9)
Written Work:
1) Uu-Zz Cursive writing.
2) Aa-Zz Cursive in order
3) 3 letter words in Notebook Pages No. 6, 7, 8, 9

Number Work
1) Pre Maths Concept:
i) Far and Near
ii) Float and Sink
2) Numbers 41-50
3) Missing numbers 1-50

Celebrations :
a) Ganesh Chaturthu
b) Teacher’s Day
c) Festivals (Page No.32)
d) Birds (Page No.19)
e) Domestic Animals (Page No. 12)

1) The Monkey (Page No. 8)
2) Days of the week. (Page No. 10)
3) The pretty Parakeet (Page No. 12)

1) An Ice cream (to draw and colour)

G.K. Questions and Answers
Independence Day / Raksha Bandhan

Q.1. When is Independence Day celebrated?
Ans. Independence Day is celebrated in 15th of August.

Q.2. What do you do on Independence Day?
Ans. We hoist and solute the national flag and sing patriotic songs on Independence Day.

Q.3. What is Raksha Bandhan?
Ans. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of love. On this day sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and brother gives her gift.

Festival celebrations: Ganesh Chaturthi / Teacher’s Day

Q.1. What does Lord Ganesha like?
Ans. Lord Ganesha likes Modak and Laddoos.

Q.2. How is festival celebrated?
Ans. People bring home idols of Lord Ganesha, Worship it and then immerse the idol in water after 10 days.

Q.3. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated?
Ans. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September.

Q. 4. How do you celebrate Teacher’s Day?
Ans. We make a card, give flowers and wish our teachers ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ on this day.


Q.1. What is Diwali?
Ans. Diwali is festival of lights.

Q.2. How is Diwali celebrated?
Ans. People decorate their houses, light lamps, do laxmi puja and distribute sweets.


Revision / Exams