Guru Purnima Day

Guru Purnima and Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration 2022

Guru purnima is observed on the full moon day (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadh as it is known in the Hindu calendar.

This festival was revived by Mahatma Gandhi to pay tribute to its spiritual guru.

Ashadhi Ekadashi is one of the most important religions festival that is celebrated in Maharashtra. This ceremony is generally held at Pandharpur where a huge number of devotees gather to celebrate the festival. It is religious procession festival which is held every year during the Ashadh Shukla paksha.

Mast. Aarush Borade said few lines on Ashadi Ekadashi
A group of students 3rd Std sang a Marathi song on Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Day 2021

Guru Purnima Day Celebration – 4th Std 2021

Guru Purnima Day Celebration – 3rd Std 2021
Date: 23rd July, 2021

Diksha Kadam and Dhruv Kadam recites shloka’s and prayers on the occasion of Guru Purnima after the day’s assembly.

Guru Purnima Day 2018

Guru Purnima Day 2015

Guru Purnima Day Celebrated. Conveying the importance of Guru Purnima day Celebration